Summer Challenge 2018

Flashback ☺

The first week of August was in the spirit of sport and marvelous performances in functional fitness. The 4th official year, CRSC 2018 was held in widespread areas of Agrokomplex in Nitra.

"We will keep on moving and aim higher", those are the words that instantly popped up in our heads after a very successful CRSM2017 in our hometown, Nové Zámky. From the beginning, one of our greatest goals is to bring genuine and solid performance to our competing athletes and the society as well. We enlarged our team, decided to go to a different city and tried a new land with unlimited sources. We broadened the competing divisions and hosted athletes from diverse cultures. We have also decided to change the duration of the event- and so the one day became a two-day super weekend event. All set up in previously mentioned Agrokomplex.

The event falls within Open Air Fitness Festiva 2018, annual fitness weekend for the broad public with a rich programme with a wide range of possibilities. The event was carried out with the financial help of Nitra's county and the Ministry of education, science, and sport of The Slovak Republic.

Our team was strengthened by Štefan Pavlík and his gym The Zone Gym Bratislava. The place of the Head judge was taken by no other than Ilja Číz and the prime photographer was Štefan Dragoň. For the first time Engelbert Strapec was the presenter of the event. Michal Kiss, as the head organizer of the event, along with his experienced team consisting of staff, judges, managers and other helping hands are the ones responsible for a continuous and smooth flow of the whole event. Owing to them and the sponsors, the athletes could not only profit from WODs but the surrounding atmosphere as well.

This year, CFRSC 2018 hosted these divisions:
- RX men/women
- RX men/women 35+
- Scaled men/women
- RX mix couples

The 3rd of August was a welcoming day for all of the competing athletes. Perfectly prepared and skilled atheltes have shown us their drive and exellence in the first three workouts. We launched the day on the sun and introduced the first WOD. In cooperation with Cardio&Fitness we decided to warm our athletes up and so the winner was no other than the beloved AirRunner SPEEDFIT

For Time - TC 12 minutes
20x Ground to over head
1500 metres Run on AIR RUNNER
20x Ground to over head
The following WOD was in the spirit of bars and kettlebels

For Time – Time Cap 10 minutes
Chest to bar pull-ups
Alternated kettlebell hang snatch
Kettlebell over head walking lounges

The 3rd workout took place outdoors by the lake which was also included in the WOD. Athletes could beat the heat and swim there during the boiling weather.

Time Cap 15 minutes
Swim 100 metres
2 rounds of
30x Slamball over shoulder
40x pistols

After a successful finish, we proudly announced the end of day one! Cleaning up the area was followed by a more pleasant activity- exploring the beauties of the center of Nitra.

Day two, Saturday, August 4th.
We greeted excitedly all of our athletes and immediately started the day full of indoor WODs.

A - 2 minute Amrap
     Burpee bar muscle-up
     Rest 1 minute
B – For time / Time cap 8 minutes
     15x Front squats W1
     100x Double unders
     12x Front squats W2
     100x Double unders
     9x Front squats W3
     100x Double unders

A - In 3 minutes
     Establish your 1 rep max snatch
     Rest 1 minute
B – For time / time cap 10 minutes
     2000 metres Row

A - 2 rounds of: / 9 minute time cap
     5x Ring muscle-ups
     10 metres hand stand walk
     20x Thrusters
     30 cal Air bike
B - Immediately followed by an 2 minute AMRAP
     Over head squat
     Total time for this workout 11 minutes

All -AND MORE of the preshown pictures can be found on the following link:

We slowly made our way to the last part of this fitness event- the evaluation. The stage places were taken by the most skilled and fittest competitors:

RX muži : 1 – Ľudovít Czókoly
                 2 – Mateusz Musial
                 3 – Branislav Zelovič

RX ženy : 1 –Fruzsina Korosi
                 2 – Blanka Plačková
                 3 – Diana Molnárová

RX muži 35+ : 1 – Jiří Formánek
                         2 – Dániel Pál Kovács
                         3 – Dodo Veres

RX ženy 35+ : 1 – Ivana Roubalová
                        2 – Katarína Eliášová

Scaled muži : 1 – Martin Argaláš
                        2 – Martin Bielik
                        3 – Andris Kelemen

Scaled ženy : 1 – Aleksandra Beznosyuk
                        2 – Anna Kos
                        3 – Marie Ostrá

RX mix dvojice : 1 – PowerWear Team ( Karin Freyová / Pavel Frajdt )
                             2 – Show Time ( Soňa Karásková / Dávid Stroupek )
                             3 – Amarok ( Lucia Kršková / Jakub Koblíček )

RX tími : 1 – Doctors&Engineers ( Radka Cihlářová / Radka Kittová / Jan Eliáš / Ondřej Dlask )
               2 – Different Athletics CZ ( Andrea Kocmanová / Tereza Luchesi / Tomáš Bizoň / Ondřej Kocábek )
               3 – Team Quatro Formaggi ( Berenika Bajanová / Aneta Kohútová / Radoslav Ivan / Daniel Miladinovič )

We loved watching all the athletes giving solid performances despite of the tropical weather.

A great Thank YOu belongs to our partners and sponsors, without whom the whole OAGFF could not be realized.

Last but not least, we are delighted to say we will make 2019 even better than this year. With the new changes, we again stress importance to bringing functional fitness and to bring as many great events to the wide society as possible. If you are interested in changes and other information check our facebook website-" Crossfit Summer Challenge" and do not forget to check out our Instagram account as well- crossfirsummerchallenge.

Your CFR Team